Rick Ross Shouts Out Pears

Rick Ross is a rapper that has always been extremely overweight, and very proud. He decided to follow the way of another rapper that has lost weight, Fat Joe, and he also began losing weight. The artist released an album called “Hood Billionaire” recently, and has been doing interviews lately to promote his album. In […]

Lil’ Wayne And Christina Milian At The AMA’s

Lil’ Wayne is planning on performing at the AMA’s with Christina Milian on stage. He is preparing for the release of his upcoming album called “The Carter V,” and the song is called “Start A Fire.” Christina Milian is supposed to join him on stage while he performs the song, and it’s left many to […]

Macklemore Rapping With His Kitty

Whenever a rapper, singer or songwriter is blocked and needs some inspiration, they must turn to something or someone for some help. Usually, once they have been inspired, they can continue and make a masterpiece. Macklemore needed some assistance with his rap so he turned to his cat, Cairo. His adorable kitty and him got […]

Eminem To Release Longest Mixtape In History

Leave it to Eminem to do the unexpected. Now that he is releasing an album there appears to be a flood of material from the Shady Records camp that he wants to display as well. He is releasing a compilation of his hits, but it will also feature other artists as well. The number of […]

Tyga ‘The Gold Album’ Out for Christmas

Tyga has been a major part of the news very recently, as he as found his way to the tabloids through his romantic ventures. Tyga has actually been whispered to have a relationship with Kylie Jenner following a quarrel with Drake in the recent days. While Tyga’s rumours have yet to be proven true, another […]

Dangerous Lyrics?

People have been listening to rap music for years. What people don’t understand is that music is very influential. Whether people like to admit it or not, Terry Richardson feels the lyrics of songs have an impact on all of us. You can tell a lot about a person by the music that they listen […]

Niki Minaj As A Mom?

When one thinks about motherhood, probably the last person who comes to mind is Nicki Minaj. Nicki recently opened up about her future plans for life and motherhood. Big thanks to friend Ken Griffin for sharing that link on Facebook. She has made it be known that after her fifth album, she wants to have […]

Lifetime Tanks Aaliyah: Princess of R&B Biopic

There is no better way to honor a young star on the rise, taken too early by a lovely Lifetime film. While most could argue that the films do not depict events correctly, people usually watch and then move on. Yet with the recently released Lifetime film Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B there is so […]

Ludacris Burning Bridges Album

Although Ludacris has been extremely busy over the years working as an actor in several movies; most notably “The Fast and Furious” movies, he has also fit in time to create a ninth studio album. Ludacris new album turning heads. The album is highly anticipated, as Ludacris is one of the best rappers out there […]

50 Cent Has A Way Cool Grandpa

At 83 years old, 50 Cent’s grandfather is still way cool, and more than down to earth. In a shot taken of his grandfather, he makes a joke by him telling him that a girl likes him. 50 Cent’s Grandpa. His grandfather’s response is more than hilarious, when he states that he already knew, and […]