“Letter To Fathers”

According to Tumblr, Meek Mills is one of the best rappers in all of hip-hop. He is getting ready for his new album to hit stores, and he is very thankful for this. He is also thankful for the support he has from his family, especially his son. Meek Mills wrote a letter on Father’s […]

The Party Rocking Life and Sexy Times of LMFAO’s Redfoo

I know what you’re thinking, who would want to know about the life of a 39 year old who is the creative mastermind behind singles like ‘’I’m in Miami, bitch’’ and ‘’Party Rock.’’ Well to be honest, Redfoo, the headliner of the popular duo LMFAO is quite an interesting character. He was fortunate to be […]

Pharrell Found Inspiration Through Kendrick Lamar

Pharrell has been around for a long time, but he is still finding inspiration from new sources in the industry. He produced the “Alright” single for Kendrick Lamar, and he said that the life of Kendrick’s open discussion about his life would serve as inspiration. Everyone is talking about the Kendrick Lamar album, and Pharrell […]

Don’t Tell Everything A$AP

A$AP Rocky proudly and unashamedly shared the driving motivation of his new album that was just released His friend and rapper ILoveMakonnen was Rocky’s influence no, not about types of music, moral standards in his music but his influence was the introduction to LSD which Rocky took at a festival. Which later gave him the […]

Fans Petition Iggy Azalea

Rap fans hate Iggy Azalea, and it’s not hard to see why. She is one of the fakest rappers that has ever existed. The Australian pop star is a blonde girl that wishes she was black. Iggy’s voice sounds extremely manufactured and embarrassing. Hip hop fans have called Iggy Azalea a fraud since her debut […]

Lil Wayne and Young Thug Beef Continues

Sometimes it is good for rappers to just settle their beef, make amends and go ahead and get back to the business of making music. Young Thug, however, has not learned this lesson. He is planning to start things back up and release a “Carter 5″ mix tape. This shows how immature Young Thug is. […]

Soundset Is The Best Festival For Rap Music

With the summer rapidly approaching, there will be many festivals coming up. Festival goers over at Beneful are ecstatic. When festivals are mentioned, many tend to think of Lollapalooza, Coachella as well as Hangout. Coachella is definitely one of the biggest festivals, but when it comes to rap music, Soundset is number one. Soundset Festival. […]

Is Simon Pegg Right?

On Tuesday, May 19, 45-year-old actor, writer and director Simon Pegg expressed his dissatisfaction with modern cinema during an interview with “Radio Times” magazine. Pegg believes that modern science fiction cinema, from “Star Wars” to present, doesn’t challenge audiences enough. He also believes modern science fiction movies have forced moviegoers to only care about spectacles […]