Mental Illness Can Be Treated Through Hip Hop Music

In a really cool turn of events, the Hip Hop Psych company has discovered that hip hop music can help those suffering from mental illness find normality in their lives. At Cambridge University in England, a team of psychologists are proving that hip hop music has many therapeutic qualities.

Both listening to the genre, as well as making your own hip hop music, can be extremely beneficial to patients.

The entire program stems from Neuroscientist Becky Inkster’s youth, when she grew up around hip hop music. Realizing that a lot of the deeper lyrics have to do with battling depression, and other types of mental health conditions.

Bringing it to patients has proved to be an extremely therapeutic process, that has restored their ability to function normally. While the battle to maintain a condition remains day by day, it’s the hope of Hip Hop Psych that this type of music will help patients recover more completely. Not to mention help them to manage their conditions in the long term.

Marnie Bennett brought this article to my attention, and I really thought it was cool. I know it’s a departure on the site from talking about normal hip hop news. But it’s cool to see the art expressed in a different medium, where it can be beneficial to someone’s emotional well being. Music matters.

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