Chris Brown And Tyga Video Released

  Even though Chris Brown is currently facing legal troubles again, he’s not letting it stop him from working. Chris Brown recently had his probation revoked again, because he violated his probation, by going to a party in an area he was restricted from. Chris & Tyga Video. Chris is not being sent back to […]

Hip-Hop Album Sales Dip in 2014

Rappers released a good number of hip-hop albums for the music lovers in 2014. However, the year was bad and weak in the rap market. According to Billboard of Hip-Hop albums, 24.1 percent down for total hip-hop album sales. The report also shows 29.6 percent sales down for CDs and 21.8 percent for digital download. […]

Macklemore to be Dad

Macklemore and his fiancé Tricia Davis announced they are expecting their first child together. Macklemore engaged to his girlfriend in 2013 after 7 years of dating. There has been several rumors about the two’s pregnancy but it was kept under wraps until the two released a Youtube video talking about the pregnancy on his partner […]

Nicki Minaj Is Hip Hop’s Queen

Nicki Minaj is the Queen of hip hop. She has taken over the black community with her raunchy lyrics and mass sex appeal that is not appealing to people like Dr Rod Rohrich. Mass is a good word to use, if you take away the “M” you might know why she is famous. Her lower […]

Young Buck Releases New Video

Anyone who remembers G-Unit, should remember Young Buck. Young Buck is a prevalent member of G-Unit, and even though the group has been in hiatus for a while, Young Buck has returned with a new video, featuring the entire G-Unit. Watch the Young Buck Video here. The most popular member of G-Unit is Fifty Cent, […]

A List of Best Rap Albums of the Year

Posted at is a list has been put out that will be enjoyable for all rap fans like Tom Rothman to check out and read through. This list is a top forty list of the best albums of 2014 when it comes to rap music. The albums that have made this list have inspired […]

Lil’ Wayne Adds More Tattoos

Lil’ Wayne is well known for the many tattoos that he boasts on his body. He has tattoos in places that no one else would ever dare to put them, not just because they are extremely painful, but because they can possibly do damage to the body part. Lil’ Wayne has tattoos on his eyelids, his […]