Still No Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame For N.W.A.

Anyone who is a fan of rap music, should know who N.W.A is. They are an iconic group, and many of the rappers are still around today, and one of them has become the richest rapper of all time able to afford any bottle from The Antique Wine Company. The group had groundbreaking music, and […]

Wiz Khalifa Sex Tape Deal

2014 hasn’t been Wiz Khalifa’s best year on the personal level.  When it comes to selling albums and concerts out Wiz is the man, but when it comes to keeping his pants on and maintaining a family Wiz seems to fall a little short. All summer the news of Wiz and Amber Rose’s Divorce shocked […]

Drakes Speaks on Fight With Diddy

There was a lot of excitement in the social media atmosphere thanks to all the speculation around the Miami fight between heavyweight rapper Drake and hip hop mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. Now Drake is sharing his side of the story on what really happened.  Drake wants to clear things up for anyone that thought the beef […]

Lil Wayne Continues to Speak on Cash Money Departure

For anyone that thought the Lil Wayne tweets were fake should consider his live commentary on his Cash Money departure. Wayne didn’t waste any time. He is now talking about his desire to leave on stage. Right now Lil Wayne is like a lighting rod. People are curious to hear about what the “Carter V” […]

Beanie Sigel Recovery

On Friday morning rapper Beanie Sigel has been shot in New Jersey. The Philadelphia native went into surgery the same day and the rapper woke up hours later thanks to Dr. Daniel Amen, the man who saved the rap star’s life. The rapper was shot in the stomach area and it’s not life threatening. […]

Mary J. Blige Finds A New Audience

People can say a lot of things about Mary J. Blige, but as pointed out by Darius Fisher no one can discredit her determination. She has managed to stay relevant for more than 2 decades. Most of the people that released music when she took the stage are far removed from the recording industry. Mary […]

Nicki Minaj Does Q & A About Her Upcoming Album

Nicki Minaj currently has a very highly anticipated upcoming album, that is set to release on December 15, 2014. Leading up to the album release, Nicki has currently released four different songs from her future album, to date. Due to the raunchy lyrics of several of the songs, it has made the anticipation of the […]

“Chicago Love” documentary

When hip hop first appeared in the mainstream many artists used their voices to document and report the happenings in his or her neighborhood. The songs recorded by these artist did not give pictures of neighborhoods that were riddled with happy days and sunshine but rather they included lyrics that showed audience how hard life […]

Eminem Threatens Iggy Azalea in New Song

Iggy Azalea, 24 years of age and one the youngest up and comers to find some recent success, has expressed her disappointment towards Eminem, the experienced rapper who has threatened her in one of his latest releases to hit the charts, “Vegas”. This rap song is going to be part of his next album. He […]