No Electricity for Refrigerators in Venezuela

Venezuela is a tropical country. You definitely need a refrigerator. But, having it run 24-hours a day is becoming rather impossible in this South American nation. As the economic crisis intensifies, the government began power rationing by simply cutting off electricity. As Yahoo!News report, there will be four-hour blackouts in eight Venezuelan states that are […]

How People like George Soros can Change the World

Some individuals truly intend to handle crucial matters on locally first, but then plan to establish global policies to ensure that the world is a much more peaceful place. Marketwatch published an exclusive article about the global crisis we are currently facing with consideration to Syrian refugees. While the article used this particular group […]

Dog Treats from Beneful that my dogs love

I have been a customer of Purina Store Beneful Dog Treats for over 3 years now, and I thought I would make a review of some of the treats from Beneful that my dogs, Clay and Emily, just love to eat. Clay’s favorites Humans and dogs both equally love bacon, and that’s the case for […]

A Beginnger’s Guide to Investing

Investing in different companies, products, and stocks is a great way to diversify the money a person is earning. But the great potential investing offers comes with great risk, and for many, getting started is a daunting task. With the plethora of investments firms and business devoted to the practice of making their clients the […]

Madison Street Capital, Excelling in M&A

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm based in Chicago, IL. They also have international offices in Asia and Africa. MSC offers a wide variety of services on involving corporate advisory, business valuation, financial opinions, valuation for financial reporting, and asset management industry focus. That list might seem small, but it is impressive […]

Igor Cornelsen; The Investment Guru

Igor Cornelsen is thought by many individuals and professionals in the investment industry as an Investment Guru. This respect has not come easy, Cornelsen views investment as a long term game. He insists on employing long term investment strategies for the sole purpose of reaping benefits from the investment. Igor Cornelsen’s reputation precedes him in […]

CCMP Capital – Successful Investment Firm

A firm that has been around for many years and has years of experience in the investment world is called CCMP Capital. They specialized in buyout and equity growth and have invested over $16 billion dollars. They continue to improve their services by staffing some of the most high quality experts that are trained to […]

Wen Cleansing Conditioner for the Daily Cleanser

  After reading the article “I Used Cleansing Cleansing Conditioner on my Fine Hair & Here’s What Happened” on one gets a glimpse of how persistence is key to seeing the benefits of this product. Following the progress over a 7 day period via pictures and the writers viewpoints, it is made very apparent […]

Igor Cornelsen The Brazilian Investment Banker Thinks Brazil’s Government Will Invest Capital Into The Economy In 2016

The Brazilian government has struggled to cut spending for the last 12 months. The government recently froze some discretionary spending in order to shrink the budget deficit. President Dilma Rousseff’s administration has been under attack for not doing enough to get the economy moving again. Igor Cornelsen, the Brazilian investment expert, thinks the Rousseff administration […]

Michigan’s Booming Liquor Business and Who’s Behind It

Dick and Betsy DeVos, a Michigan political power couple look like they are getting into the liquor business with the purchase of Coppercraft Distillery however it isn’t officially announced yet.  The Windquest Company is Dick DeVos’s holding company in Grand Rapids, MI. Windquest is positioned to accept mail on behalf of Coppercraft, according to the […]