Is Simon Pegg Right?

On Tuesday, May 19, 45-year-old actor, writer and director Simon Pegg expressed his dissatisfaction with modern cinema during an interview with “Radio Times” magazine. Pegg believes that modern science fiction cinema, from “Star Wars” to present, doesn’t challenge audiences enough. He also believes modern science fiction movies have forced moviegoers to only care about spectacles […]

Animated Film to Feature Songs from Paul McCartney

When one watches an animated film as an adult there are various aspects of the film that one will pay attention to. One of the things that an adult can appreciate about a film that was created for children is the music that the film features. There are often great tunes shared on animated films, […]

Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga Make Sweet Music

Sometimes there are rumors about a track that can fuel a lot of interest in something that may not even exist. At the time it was not sure if there was actually a track between Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga. Today fans know that there is a song that was done by them together. A […]

Drake vs. Tyga

Tyga and Drake just keep going hard at it. There is so much disdain that is flying back and forth between these two. It has become impossible to tell why all of this is happening, but it has not stopped. Now Tyga is starting more beef with Drake all over again. It is true that […]

Rae Sremmurd Provides Clues for Breakup Blues

A bad relationship can really hurt your pride. It can also bring your down. What Rae Sremmurd has done is provide the cure for the breakup blues. In the new video “This Could Be Us” Rae Sremmurd shows any man that may be facing a breakup how to move on. A girl breaks up with […]

DJ Premier and Miguel

Just as people start hearing about the “Wild Heart” album by Miguel there is some buzz about a single that he did with DJ Premier. Unfortunately, Miguel has said that this single would not be on the album that he is planning to release. It is disappointing for fans to even hear that there is […]

Amber Rose Dating Machine Gun Kelly

Amber Rose is one of the most well-known female entertainers in the rap industry. She was the longtime girlfriend of rap superstar Wiz Khalifa, but the couple recently broke up. Many people couldn’t believe that the rap couple parted, but there were reports that Wiz Khalifa cheated on Amber Rose. However, those rumors have not […]